How does one get Cloudflare to connect with a registered website?

I recently registered two domains on NameCheap. The first was recognized by Cloudflare and I was able to establish new Nameservers. The second,, is not recognized by Cloudflare, so I can’t proceed to establish new Nameservers.

In reviewing the various help topics in the Support Center, they raised the question as to whether or not the DNSSEC was enabled or disabled. I contacted the registrar tech support at NameCheap and was told it was enabled. The tech agreed to disable it (saving the settings) and was going to enable it again after I repeated the search for the new domain. I repeated the search and it still says the domain can’t be found.

I ran a diagnostic check on the domain which is recognized at the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center, and 4 errors were detected as follows: DNSSEC configuration, DS configuration, Redirected unencrypted HTTP, and Mixed content on site. I have absolutely no idea what these errors mean nor what to do to fix them if indeed they need to be fixed. My next step with the program training me in is to remove current records and add an IP address of the training program’s server. But I was instructed to get the new Nameservers for each of the two new domains. I’m hopeful those error messages might shed light on the problem of not recognizing the second domain.

As someone new to setting up websites and reconfiguring Nameservers, DNS, etc., I’m not understanding the problems, and don’t know how to proceed.

Is there someone in the Support Community who understands what may be happening here with an unrecognized domain that is seemingly properly registered?

I would greatly appreciate any guidance and/or direction with this problem.



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