How does large ecommerce store all their images? What method they used?

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My question today is how does large eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Lazada etc… store and cache their images and video? Do they stored on their own server or use a image cdn service and link it back to their original server to be upload on to their site? Basically, what I want to know is how do they stored their images and what method they used in doing so to stored thousand of images without speed decrease? Do they stored their image through a second server and cache it back to their main server ?Or do they use an image cdn service which someone allow them to upload the image seperately from their main server files?

Current problem: I dont’t want to store so many product images into my domain manualy cause it will cause a massive site speed decrease. I’m also using wordpress as well. Can service like Cloudflare image allow me to stored my image and then somehow generate a link to upload it back to my wordpress site? Very confused on this subject. Need help ! Thank you !

Yes Cloudflare Images is the perfect Service for this.
Here is a how to video about it !

Amazon has a own data center where they store all their images.
With Cloudflare Images however you will have the exact possibility to store your images
and deliver it fast like amazon itself if not even better.

Can this work with wordpress sites? How is this different than Cloudflare plus? Do i need Cloudflare plus? Once i upload image to Cloudflare does the url link it provide me , i take toadd that to wordpress media section? This is where i’m really confused about.

For example if i want to upload new image from Cloudflare image to my wordpress how to do so? Wordpress only allow image to be upload by a physical image and not a link?

WordPress does not have this built in, you would need something custom.

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Do you have any prefer method or way to work around this logic into wordpress?

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