How does Coudflare handles DMCA?

I got 5 emails at 8 Jan 2022 1 AM IST with subject “Cloudflare received a DMCA copyright infringement complaint regarding your site.”

I woke up at 6 and saw my site on 8 AM and because it was workers it showed me 1101 error. I checked and knew they blocked my account.

The DMCA they sent me, was for some content which isn’t even hosted on my website as it was workers site. the links on my site were for external websites which were generated by users as it’s a user generated content site. i would have removed those questionable links. but Cloudflare blocked my account so i cannot see what were those other than links.

I removed my domain from Cloudflare zone because i did got any email for suspention. and i tried to add this back and it says
“You are not allowed to create new zones at this time. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, please email [email protected] for more assistance.”

but my domain name registrar is Cloudflare, so i should be able to atleast manage my domain. but it shows me this error.
“404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”

and when i contacted Cloudflare abuse and safety team with my request
“I’ve fixed the infringement links. Please enable account services again. We process dmca requests within 24-48 hours. The web content is user generated.”

because i’ve changed my script to show content deleted html on those links that were told me in the emails.

in return i got this

" Hello,

To reiterate, we would suggest that you follow the instructions provided below:

With regard to your inquiry, if you have submitted a valid claim through Cloudflare’s abuse portal, we would have already provided the necessary information to the host to allow them to identify the offending account. Should they require assistance from Cloudflare, they will need to contact us at [email protected]. Until such time as they do, we must consider the matter closed. If you are not receiving a satisfactory response from the host, we would suggest that you escalate the matter with the host provider to seek a resolution as they are the ones who have control of the content and can assist you where Cloudflare can not.

Kind regards,
Cloudflare Trust & Safety"

What’s Cloudflare stand on DMCA here? the content wasn’t even hosted on my website. little bit like thepiratebay doesn’t host those content but gives links to those.

why i wasn’t given time to act on the dmca requests?

I’m afraid the community is unable to help with Abuse / Trust & Safety Issues. There is some general information here:

You will need to direct your questions to [email protected], we cannot advise here.

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