How does CloudFlare work with the subdomain ""?

Hello, I have a problem that needs help. I have a domain name “”. I then created the subdomain “”. In it, I created a lot of small websites like:

How to configure DNS CloudFlare to work?

sub is just a host, like www, in this case. You simply create an A record which points to the IP address in question and Cloudflare will automatically proxy it to that destination (given the record is :orange: of course).

You mean this:

As I remember it doesn’t work. CloudFlare only works with “”, does not work with “

What you call “domain” is simply the path. Of course Cloudflare works with that, thats an intrinsic part of proxying.

These are separate websites. You can see here:

I have tried the free version before, but it doesn’t work. I am considering buying a Pro version for it so I want to know for sure that it will work

If you define a website as a root of host, these would not be different websites, but simply different content in different paths of the same hostname. And that would work with Cloudflare.

:frowning: Looks like I don’t understand this clearly

When you add a domain, you can add subdomains like ‘sub’, as it appears you have done. This DNS record is required for the subdomain to work. Anything after the /, however, is the path and has nothing to do with DNS, that is just set up at your host, probably within another folder.

If you have set the subdomain to :orange:, then unless you have any page rules stopping it, Cloudflare will work on all the paths as well.

As you can see, this subdomain is not working => . No problem?

This is because you havent configured the server properly. This host is not even proxied. doesn’t even seem to point to Cloudflare nameservers…

I will buy the Pro package right now, will you guide me until everything works well?

You dont necessarily need the Pro plan, do you?

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You do not encourage me to buy Pro packages? I want to buy it because I tried the Free package, but it often fails. I also bought the Pro package for another domain, and it is working well.

Encourage, I dont know :smile:

I cant tell whether you need the features from the Pro plan. If you do, please go ahead and purchase it. All I am saying is you dont need a paid plan to perform basic proxying, the way you described it.

If something fails, it is rather likely because of your server than because of Cloudflare and a paid plan wont change that.

Can you check and help me see if my website has CloudFlare?

Yes, that site is on Cloudflare :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks all right to me. Just make sure your SSL mode is “Full strict”.


Where do you check it? I check here:


Cloudflare is not a CDN in the strict sense.

Furthermore, your site resolves to Cloudflare, so it is going through their servers.

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