How does Cloudflare work with an existing website?

I am trying to get set up on Cloudflare and I am running into an issue. I can’t connect a subdomain, I need to connect the whole domain.

So the subdomain is brand new and nothing is on it (it will be going to my Kajabi site). BUT my main domain is a live a site. What will happen when I change the nameservers? I just don’t want my live site to go down or cause any problems. I can’t see to find an answer to this.

All tutorials I have watched are for brand new domains with nothing on them.

As long as you replicate the DNS entries then nothing should happen when you change namerservers.

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Great! So I just need to copy all of the DNS records over here. That is simple. Thanks!

Cloudflare does scan for DNS records for when you add a domain, but it is better to have a copy of your records in case some get missed.

Just to add to what @Cyb3r-Jak3 said, if, when you add your DNS records to Cloudflare, you set them to :grey:, then nothing will change with your current site. You can then wait for an active edge certificate (by checking the SSL/TLS app) and then set to :orange: any subdomains (or your main domain) that you wish to use Cloudflare’s services on :slightly_smiling_face:

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