How does cloudflare even have a power outage?

I’m struck by how cloudflare’s datacenter even lost power, let alone in multiple locations.

One would think a company the size and scale of cloudflare would have multiple power backups using UPS’s and generators.

Maybe the weakest link was a router plugged into the wall socket in some basement.

I’m a huge champion of this company but this really irks me and shakes my confidence.

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Cloudflare doesn’t own or maintain their own datacenters, all they do is colocate/rent space in existing datacenters.
What went wrong with the power in the DCs they use? No clue, after big outages they release postmortem blog posts explaining it though, I would wait for that. Might be a bit light on the hardware/physical side of things though considering it’s not their datacenter, and more on why they couldn’t failover/recover more quickly. We’ll see though.


Another thing one wonders is why it’s taking so long for cloudflare to bring the services back online after power is restored.

One would figure they’d power the servers back up, check the services for consistency, fix a few errors and done.

Granted these are large scale complex systems but maybe they’re insanely over-engineered which may be ok for when expected errors happen, but not so much when unforeseen events possibly like this strike.

Definitely interested in reading the final report on this.

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