How does caching work with worker sites under domain?

Here’s my scenario:
I have worker sites deployed under domain.
I have another worker that proxies requests on a custom domain to appropriate site on the domain. (eg. gets proxied to
I have different routes defined, which when matched, point to the proxy worker.

From what I see on the browser’s cf-cache-status=HIT header, files under are also cached. That means, my proxy-worker gets cached response when it proxies requests.
The also gets cached on the edge, being a proxied cname record.

When I clear the cache on, does it also clear the cache under Apparently not.
So how do I make sure the cache gets cleared? Or does that happen automatically when the worker site is updated?

Thank you!

Hi @dev55,

The Workers Team are more active on their Discord server, so as you have not received a response here, I would recommend asking on Discord if you haven’t already.

Please do feel free to update the thread here if you get a resolution, to help others who may find this topic.