How does blling work for Argo and Rate Limiting?

I had filled out a support ticket for this issue, but I thought it was important, so I am posting it here as well.

So usually when I check billable usage, nothing shows up, but today it is showing 41 gigs for Argo usage and 617K for rate limiting usage. Can someone tell me the cost of this?

The Argo usage page was easy to figure out (I think), but I didn’t understand the rate limiting billing.

Thanks for any help.

Argo $5/mo + usage GB/mo, where 1st GB is free, then each GB is $0.10.

On my invoice it was 570GB, which equals to the $57 + $5, total of $62 for the billing period of a month for one zone/domain using this service.

While, I also use Rate Limiting feature too and it was also on the same invoice.

Rate Limiting, 10k is free, then each 10k is $0.05

I had 162,250 (over multiple zones/domains in total) which equals to the $0.80.
160k / 10k, result x 0,05 and we get 0.80.

Threrefore, total sum for Argo + Rate Limiting was $62.80.

Helpful articles:

Does it still change?
Did you get the invoice or rather want to calculate upfront just in case?
When did you activated that feature? The period/timeframe started?

Till today, would be $9.1 for Argo ($5 for the service + usage $4.1) and $3.05 for Rate Limiting, total of $12.15 if my math is correct.

Hope it helps a bit.

For Rate Limiting, it counts towards all requests, therefore I might not be 100% how to explain with real-life example when you’re attacked, or when the requests are blocked vs allowed, and kindly and patiently I’d suggest we should wait for another reply.