How does DNS chooses the datacenter?

Hello, I have a bunch of questions:

I set as primary DNS in my router.
I see, that I’m connected to MUC datacenter.
How does choose that? And can I manually change that?
Does my router sometime re-evaluate this to connect my requests to the closest datacenter?

Also, when I ping, what location do I actually ping? Where is
Isn’t located in a specific location?

How can I tell/measure that is faster than my ISPs DNS?
Sorry, I’m new to this…

closest to you i think

It uses anycast, which means that a lot of different datacenters and locations share that IP address. Typically, you’ll land on a datacenter near you, though not necessarily the closest geographically. You can’t change which datacenter you’re hitting.


To add to this, especially for and the enterprise customers (not always valid for all locations for free ones, but I digress), all data enters are active all the time, the choice is 99.9% of time dictated by the ISP and their peering agreements, they chose where to send you.