How do you stop a Cloudflare Stream video url from being viewed directly or embedded on another site?

We’d like to ensure that our Cloudflare video urls can only be watched on our site. Thanks

You can enable Hotlinking Protection to restrict access. Signed URLs will give you much more control, such as time and location based restrictions.

I was hoping for a bit more of a Wordpress plugin type of a solution. I realise it’s only new so perhaps that’s a bit much to ask, but is there an idiots method of embedding so that it’s secure on only one domain?

Check out Cloudflare Stream Video – WordPress plugin |

I don’t know if it gives options to enable hotline protection/signed URLs, but @zaid or @renan can chime in with detail.

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Thanks, keen to hear more on that. That plugin appears dated so I’m not sure if it supports live streaming via Cloudflare Stream. It hasn’t been updated in 10 months and on the page it still says “Can I use this plugin to deliver live streams? No. Stream only supports on-demand video streaming.”