How do you set the default stream video quality to 1080p?


When my wordpress webpage loads my cloudflare videos, the “auto” quality is very blurry. This leaves the user with a very bad first impression.

Is there a way to set my stream options to default the quality to it’s highest 1080p settings, so that the user doesn’t have to set this?

Because my website is a portfolio website it is CRITICAL that the video quality be as sharp as possible. I am not concerned with load time as much as quality. Switching the player to 1080p looks great and plays with good performance, but can’t I just make that the default player setting?


Is it blurry for everybody, or just those with slow connections?

But to answer your question, I don’t see any way to auto-set this, nor do I expect Cloudflare to do this, as it’s an adaptive bitrate.

Thanks for the feedback. Are there other streaming video companies you’d recommend?