How do you see if DNS has propogated yet?

I am changing servers and unfortunately IP addresses change to, so i have 100+ to change. Quite a lot of them are on Cloudflare.
I usually check on command prompt pinging the website address to see if the DNS has changed from the old to the new but if the site is in Cloudflare it doesnt change it just shows the CF IP.

How can i see if it has changed please other than logging into the backend of the CMS over and over again to see if the new servers details are in there?

Those IP addresses are instantly updated. As soon as you change an :orange: “A” record’s value, Cloudflare will immediately begin pulling from that new IP address.


Ah thats great then many thanks

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For certain definitions of ‘instantly’. I’d expect it to be sub 5 seconds 90%+ of the time… which to be fair for DNS is pretty close. :smiley:


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