How do you hide Mail Server real IP address?


How do you hide Mail Server real IP address?

I do a dig on and could not find a single IP address.

However when I do a dig on my own, it leaked the real IP address through additional section

I know what’s the point of hiding real IP address. I just do not want to be DDoS-ed. Happened once (back in the 2009, and it was #2 gaming community in Asia went to abyss by the end of the month because of constant DDoS, now it’s a company, everything could go wrong).


I don’t think you can hide it. You’d need to use a mail provider, like G Suite or Zoho Mail. Perhaps even your hosting provider may offer to handle mail for you on a separate server, ask them.

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I do not use mail provider, my dad have a company. It’s overhead cost is too high, so I said to myself. So I said to myself, mine must be different.

I host my own mail server.

I was thinking about hidden master DNS, PTR record and stuff for security.


As @floripare already pointed out you cant do that. Cloudflare only proxies web traffic and subsequently “hides” related hosts. Mail is not one of them.

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