How do you get the Cloudflare SSL that has both an RSA certificate and an ECDSA certificate?

Okay, so I’m aware that there are technically many different ways of achieving this, but the volume of Cloudflare-protected sites that have virtually the exact same hybrid SSL setup with RSA SSL from Cloudflare Inc RSA CA-2 and ECDSA SSL from Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 is so high that there must be some relatively cheap and easy way of obtaining it that doesn’t require much, if any manual configuration and maintenance on the user’s part.

Do you get this automatically on the Pro plan and above? Or is it some sort of separate purchase? Thank you for your time.

I’d say, either one or another.

It could be done using Advanced Certificate Manager

… or maybe by generating two separate SSL certificates :thinking:

Not sure if, am … I remember seeing both on Universal SSL in only one of my zones.

Therefore, DigiCert (requires ACM) had both too (deprecated) and Let’s Encrypt has both too (requires ACM).

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