How do you fix the 404 error?

how do you fix a 404 error, to a website that wont open.

Create a resource which matches the requested URI.


how do you create a resource that matches the url?

What exactly are you trying to fix?

A 404 occurs when someone tries to hit and some-file.html doesn’t exist. It’s perfectly acceptable for this request to return a 404.

If you’re receiving a 404 on a page that you don’t want one, create that file, as previous;y mentioned. lHow you create that file is going to depend a lot on how you’re hosting your website. We’d need a lot more information to advise here.

so i bought a domain name and when i go to search up the domain name it shows up with the 404 error it wont open a page at all, the domain name is businessstartups us you can see the 404 error.

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