How do you delete a domain that's not activated?

I have a domain in my account that I do not want to activate and want to delete, but without with it being activated it’s not letting me delete it. Is there a way to delete it?

Is it the only domain in your account? Is there no remove option at the bottom right of your Overview screen?

Nope. That’s why I’m confused.

And yes, it’s the only domain I have in the account currently.

I believe there are issues with removing the only domain. Try to open a support ticket.

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I thought that’s was what this was ticket was for since I did it through & Is there somewhere else I should be going? On the support page all I see are articles that aren’t helping me…

At the bottom of

Thank you so much! I got a support ticket created.

Post the ticket number here and @cloonan could keep track.

Hi @myntillae, I see the option now, perhaps logout and log back in? Screenshot%20from%202019-05-20%2011-15-31

Thanks! That worked! Got it deleted, easy peesy. Thanks again!

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