How do you configure Google Ads Conversion Tracking with Zaraz?

Looking at how to set up G-Ads conversion tracking using Zaraz. Set up guidance would be much appreciated.


  1. Add conversion ID in Google Ads Plugin (Zaraz) to settings.
  2. Create Actions for your conversions.
  • Purchase for example: Setup Purchase with trigger
  • add Purchase with Create Actions, add custom fields Conversion label, Value and Currency with custom Add field.

Hi, while configuring google ads conversions in zaraz, do I need to add a “unique event id” like I do with facebook events or google analytics events (server side)?

Consider that I’m using tag manager for the client-side tracking, so I create a unique event id in my client side container, and I can pass it to zaraz as well.

Facebook and Analytics events accept “event_id” as parameter for deduplication, but I cannot find anything about google ads.

Thank you