How do you choose a good hosting company that works with cloudflare

I am having a nightmare with my hosting company A2 Hosting. Not only are they expensive and provide no support, and keep on having errors, they are not very good with providing a service that works with cloudflare.

I am paying £54 for A2 hosting which is very expensive, so i am looking for advice in what to look for in a hosting company where you pay monthly and that provides support and work well with cloudflare.

If anyone can give me guidance on finding a hosting company that works well with cloudflare then please do let me know

Normally, I would say the majority of all hosting providers should be working with Cloudflare.

If the hosting provider is having some security systems that are rate limiting Cloudflare IP addresses, that could perhaps be a problem.

Additionally, with some hosting providers it could cause problems if you need the original visitor’s IP address, as not all hosting providers may have options for you that allows you to enable something like: Restoring original visitor IPs · Cloudflare Support docs.

That said:

Can you enlighten us on this nightmare between you, A2 Hosting and Cloudflare?

What problem is this specific combination causing for you?


Do you know what the requirements are for your website? For example, are you using WordPress? Do you know what A2 Hosting plan you are using? I am not familiar with them but I apparently A2 Hosting Renewal Pricing shows the available plans.

Blue host or hostinger, best with cloudflare