How Do We Temporarily Turn Off/On Installed Apps?



Is their any way to turn off/on installed apps without having to uninstall/reinstall them?

For example, how to we temporarily turn off The Welcome Bar app? (without limiting it via Page Rules)

Unless I missed it, adding an “ON/OFF” switch to each installed app would be nice!


Today I think a page rule is the only way to do it, but that’s good feedback. I will pass it along to the team. One question I have, which I’m sure they’d ask. In this scenario I would say that it is likely if the app were a paid app you’d still be billed for it, would that seem logical? We’d probably add a warning to that effect if we did implement the feature.


@cscharff: Absolutely! Good thinking. I agree, turning “off” a paid app would not exempt client from his/her payment obligations. A warning to this effect (below the switch) would work. Now, how soon can you get it done? (lol)


Good Day, @cscharff!

Can you kindly provide us with an update on this? Better yet, an update from your development team and target date would be awesome.

This feature (or fix) can be used now. Using Page Rules is a band-aid and is penalizing paying Clients.

Thank you!