How do we temporarily remove whois privacy protection

Third parties need to confirm that the domain name belongs to our organization, and they hope to directly query the information of our organization in WHOIS, which is currently impossible due to privacy protection.
Can we temporarily disable privacy protection and turn it back on after they confirm.

Not that I’m aware of, there’s certainly not an option in the dashboard for it and there’s no documentation on being able to turn it off. Although relying on whois in the days of the vast majority of registrars or TLDs being fully redacted due to the increased privacy obligations in regulations such as GDPR isn’t ideal.

ICANN policy only says that the state/province and country of the registrar needs to be available.

The only way that Cloudflare Registrar provides contacting the owner of a domain is through their ‘domain contact’ panel ( -

There appears to be a privacy flag you can set as per Cloudflare API v4 Documentation using the API.

Search for update domain


As always, hidden gems in the API!

I try this but it return not allowed.
I can update auto_renew field with the same key

Very sad that this feature is not yet supported, this is the reply of the official team.

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