How do we know if the speed of our site has increased or not?

I want to import my site to Cloudfler. How much will my site speed be affected after the site logs into Cloudfler?
my website adress : and

From the topic title:
Best way, self test, or test by asking other users for feedback information.

Otherway is to test using some online tools like:

If you are interested into using Cloudflare for your domain/Website, you would need to create Cloudflare account and add it to your account, them change the nameservers and fine-tune per-need.

Kindly, see the below article how to get started for free :wink:

Depending on the end-user location, he/she should notice the differences regarding TTFB time and other. There are a lot of options at Cloudflare for page speed optimization at the Cloudflare dashboard like image optimization, HTML, CSS and JS minification, browser cache.