How do we configure "log mode" for rate limiting rules?

How do we configure “log mode” for rate limiting rules? The only page in docs that mentions “log mode” as an option does not itself show how to enable it.

FWIW, I have searched both the docs and the community for the phrase “log mode” (and even the offered google site search feature), and again the only page that mentions it is that one above.

Besides someone perhaps being able to say how one might enable it, I do hope someone in CloudFlare can then modify that page to point to whatever resource may exist, since I had such poor luck finding any more info.


“log mode” means setting “Simulate”, which do nothing except only logging

Thanks, kyouhei. To be clear, I wasn’t asking WHAT the feature does. But your screenshot shows HOW to set it. And to be clear, that option does not appear in the free plan.

Now I hope that someone from Cloudflare will address the second point I’d made, how someone seeing this doc page on setting up rate limiting would not readily find or know this explanation of HOW to set that. Same for the fact that it’s NOT in the free edition.

Indeed, I had seen how the only option in creating the rule was “block”, but how would I know that the option to log was offered there? For all I knew, it could have been a global setting for all rules. I simply couldn’t find it in the ui, nor by searching for the phrase the doc used, “log mode”. So I wish someone from Cloudflare would consider the possibility that showing such options as greyed out would help clarify to a user that the option is indeed set there, but unavailable for the current plan. Plenty of tools use that approach, both to communicate a features existence and its unavailability for the current plan.

I hope anyone reading this would understand I’m saying all this to help other users, and to help Cloudflare.

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You can see at Rate Limiting allowances per plan

I know you’re trying to help, but again what you say does not address what I raised. I realize you think it does. I will leave it at this, for you or anyone else to reconsider what I have shared. If nothing comes of it, so be it. I was just trying to help others (while your focus has indeed been to help me, and again I appreciate that but I am trying to go beyond that.)