How do Load balancing work

Hi I’m a bit confused as to how load balancing works.

My setup:
I have 1 server running through Digital Ocean that servers the website
I use S3 buckets on AWS to store images

I’m a little confused on how cloudflare load balancing work with that setup, do they have my source code and put it on their servers around the globe, or do i have to create load balancers at like Digital Ocean or AWS and then point the “Origins” to them when when I’m setting up a pool?

I paid for load balancing through cloudflare, but Im unaware of how to set it up, if I already purchased the load balancing servers or not

Load balancing only works if you have more than one server. It “balances” traffic between two servers, or geographically, or it can act as a fallback if the primary server goes down. Still, it needs at least a second server.

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Okay so what is the cloudflare load balancing interface doing that is not done if lets say I purchase load balancing servers at digital ocean or AWS?

I’m just a bit confused as to what i have bought if i also have to buy servers

Not much different. Digital Ocean requires you to add Droplets to your load balancer also.

Okay I’m so confused about what i have bought then, if I create the servers on digital ocean, do they offer do the service i just bought or how do what i bought work?

Here are Cloudflare’s docs on Load Balancing:


Thank you, so basically what I bought is the ability to route traffic to my different servers…

Okay got it, thanks.

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