How do l find my original ip address?

Hi all,
l orginally set up my website through Google domains, then transferred to Cloudflare, but as l did’nt really know what l was doing my original website IPV4 did’nt transfer over so l tried various IPV4 addresses and all l get now is Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP, so is there any way l can find out my original host/server IP address?, l have tried various sites that claim to find original IP address but all they come up with id Cloudflare’s IP.
Appreciate any help, Thanks.

Only your host can tell you that. I would pause Cloudflare and contact the host to verify all relevant DNS entries. Once you have configured them and your site loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

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Hi Sandro,

many thanks for reply, l have paused cloudflare and l still get the error 1000, squarespace have purchased Google domain and as l transferred to Cloudflare there is no record of my domain or my original IVP4 address on google domain, so i’m really at a loss what to do.
According to google domain as l transferred my website to Cloudflare they cant help me.

And you have clarified the DNS entries with your host? If so, you need to clarify the error with them, as they seem to be using Cloudflare as well.

Keep Cloudflare paused until your site loads fine on HTTPS and discuss it with your host.


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