How do I view open support tickets?

I opened a support ticket and now I wonder what the status of that ticket is. How do I find out?

I found this article which sounded promising:

In the article was a list of steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Select Help Center from Support dropdown.
  3. Click Sign In if it appears in the top-right corner; otherwise, click on your name or profile picture.
  4. Click My Activities & Requests.

I followed step 1-3 however after I clicked Sign In I was taken to a page which didn’t say My Activities & Requests anywhere on the page.

What is the ticket number?

I don’t know the ticket number. I didn’t know I had to copy the ticket number after filing it. I was expecting to receive an email with a confirmation and the ticket number, and I was expecting that it would be easy to find the ticket in the help center.

Unfortunately I did not receive any email, and I can’t find the ticket in the help center.

The only email I received from Cloudflare was the confirmation email for the community site.

I see a ticket and reply from a bit over an hour ago, perhaps search inbox and spam for the ticket number 1838602. That reply is an automated response, if it does not answer your questions, reply and let the engineer know.

I have already looked in the mail server logs. There was exactly one email sent to the address I signed up with, and that’s the confirmation email for this community site. No other delivery attempts to that address is to be found anywhere in the mail server log.

Interestingly the confirmation email for this community site arrived from a Hurricane Electric IP address rather than from a Cloudflare IP address.

I added notes to the ticket and moved from pending to open so that an engineer will see it. The team has a lot of tickets they’re working at the moment. I’d expect a slow reply, but I’ll receive a copy of the response and will ping here when I see it. They’ll also be able to sort out delivery questions on the notification email.

The outlined steps should actually work. If they dont -> :man_shrugging:t2: :smile:

However you should also be able to view everything at - given you are logged in, if not, it might again redirect you God knows where :slight_smile:

I am logged in. The link ( redirects me to the same page as in the screenshot above.

Hmm, that shouldnt happen. It should redirect you to and eventually to a language specific link like e.g.

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Those links also redirect me back to the same page.

Then there must be something wrong and I’ll have to pass back to @cloonan :smile:

I have received emails with notifications about two of the replies posted in this thread. That means in total I have received three emails all of them from this community forum.

Seems like this forum is not actually operated by Cloudflare but rather some other party is operating this forum and is able to send me mails. But emails directly from Cloudflare somehow aren’t coming through.

I only entered my email once and since the mails from this forum are getting through I must have entered my email correctly. It’ll be interesting to see when Cloudflare manage to get the mails delivered.

The forum uses a tool called discourse that is hosted by them and is run by cloudflare. Your Community account here may have the same email as your cloudflare dashboard account, but could be different.

You’ve not received any other email as the ticket is in queue. I’ll receive a copy when Support replies and will relay it here sans any pii. Support can also track the email through their systems and tell us where it went sideways.

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