How do i verify my email address/ account?

Hi members, pls how do i verify my email address/ account? Anytime I’m signing into my email account, a text pop-up " VERIFY UR EMAIL ADDRESS BEFORE YOU CONTINUE “”

After clicking on the POP UP text . A new text pop-up “” VERIFICATION CODE SENT INTO UR MAIL ADDRESS.

But no CODE send to me . Can someone help me on this :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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I can, :eyes: now.

Is it the same email you are using here? If not, I will drop you a private note and you can share it there. I show the account here as verified and do not see any bounced emails. Also if so, you may want to ensure the following addresses are on the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected]

Hi sir Cloonan , thanks for ur support. I really appreciate it. This email address isn’t the same as the one i need to VERIFY. Pls do send me the private email and will do accordingly.
Very kind of you .

You must have received an email at the time of sign up to “confirm your email”, check in your inbox - easier way is to search with “Cloudflare”. Also, don’t forget to sneak peak in your spam folder. If you are unable to find, go into your Cloudflare account/profile, you’ll see an option to “verify your email”, click and stay attentive on your mails.

Good morning Sir , thanks for ur email support and sorry for acknowledging ur response at this time . In fact Mr Cloone have been of a great help , i think my issue is getting better attention now .
Thanks so much for ur time . I really appreciate it

Good morning Mr Cloonan , hope you are fine today .
Just a reminder pls . I sent you an email yesterday. Did you receive it pls ?

I have done everything possible to verify my account but to no success. Can someone help me pls ?

Hi @jeboe1 I’ve checked internally and your email address associated with your community login has already been verified by you. What issue are you encountering?

Can you pls check and let me know which of the email addresses is verified in ur system ?

Note: i have subscribed to PRO PLAN with the email address number 2.
But i keep receiving a notification to VERIFY MY ACCOUNT.


I was referring to the first. Your other address is not accepting mail:

telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ESMTP Postfix
250-SIZE 104857600
MAIL FROM: {redacted}: Recipient address rejected: Access denied

Note the response: Recipient address rejected: Access denied

Your mailserver for ( is not configured correctly. Fix that and you should be able to do the email verification.

So should i tey logging in with the {redacted}?
But i dont have any subscription with the verified email address.

Can i open a ticket without subscription?

You can add your domain and subscription to any account you like. Your email verification problem is not Cloudflare related - so you need to talk to your email provider to resolve that.

Ok i will try to use

Can i open a ticket without a domain . And apart from the email, is there away to talk to you ?

You can open a ticket for Account, Billing or Registrar related issues via but for Technical Support you would need to be using our Pro plan. The portal will direct you appropriately as you choose a category for your issue.

But to re-state - your issue today is related to your email provider - Cloudflare can’t resolve that for you so you need to speak to them.

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