How do I use Google Cloud CDN with Cloudflare?


eslamdemo Today at 01:18

Hello all,I my question is how can i use Google Cdn while using Cloudflare
Do this is possilbe and how i can do that?
In the Dns settings i put my host Server IP as “iPv4 address”
Does this correct?
After added a record test shall i use the number “1” or any of this list
as CNAME ? Please help me through this process as i found that hard and there aren’t any good explain on the internet!

Don’t forget to see the attachment and thanks in advance. @ryan @mjackson @sdayman

Nameservers issues

Any help??? @ryan


I’ve never tried Google Cloud CDN, but I have some thoughts:

  1. I do use an Amazon S3 bucket. It’s no CDN, but I have a CNAME for it and use Flexible SSL. You might have to create a CNAME for Google Cloud CDN as your own subdomain and then create a Page Rule for that subdomain to use Flexible SSL.

  2. According to Google Cloud CDN info, they support HTTPS with your own certificate. From Cloudflare’s Crypto page, you can an Origin Certificate that’s self-signed by Cloudflare that only works for :orange: that’s set for Full (Strict) SSL.

  3. If Google CDN is just pulling content from your origin server, why not just have Cloudflare do that instead? (Unless maybe you’re using Google Cloud the same way I use Amazon S3 as a file repository)