How do I use Clouflare as a domain registrar and security but not cache?

I use Cloudflare as a domain registrar so If I just want to use it as a domain register. How do I set that without using cache services?

Basically, if I just want to use Cloudflare for security and domain registrar? Which one do i need to set development or pause? If not what’s the best one to avoid cloudflare cache?

You can use Cloudflare as a Registrar and DNS hosting provider.

You cannot use Cloudflare as a registrar without Cloudflare also hosting your DNS.

If you want all the various security features, but no caching, you can set your DNS entries to :orange: but set a Page Rule to set the Cache Level to Bypass.

If you only want to use Cloudflare for registration and DNS hosting, set all your DNS entries to :grey:.

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