How do I use cloudflare when hosting my nameservers?

Hi. So I am a bit confused right now. I currently have these settings setup on my namecheap nameservers:


I want to setup Cloudflare on my main domain,, but how do I do this?. If point my nameservers to Cloudflare then how can I use cpanel with it? I am currently hosting my own nameservers in cpanel. I only want to use Cloudflare on my main domain.

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Oh sorry, I ment NS2 on the last one :slight_smile:

You need to use Cloudflare’s name servers in order to route your domain through Cloudflare. Unless you’re a hosting partner, in which case you’d use your own, but they’d be synced with Cloudflare.

But if I change my nameserver to Cloudflares nameserver, how can people use nameserver to get an account at the cpanel?

This should get you to your cPanel

But I have another domain. It is currently pointed towards If I change my nameservers on namecheap account to Cloudflares nameservers the ns1, ns2 wont be avalible right? Do I need to apply for Cloudflare partner to keep my own nameservers or?

They could still be active, they could simply remain as hosts in the DNS panel with the :grey: option selected removing the proxying by Cloudflare. The domain won’t use those name servers, but other people can use them.

You can have custom (still only vanity, still pointing to Cloudflare) name servers on Cloudflare plans Business and up.

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Thank you alot! So if I understand you correctly, the will still point to, but the main domain will go through Cloudflare? :blush:

Correct. Obviously you currently have those hosts as glue records, you could remove those as they are not needed anymore (maybe wait at least the TTL of the NS), but add them to the Cloudflare dashboard.

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That is great! But won’t this like slow down the nameservers or anything since they first have to go to Cloudflares nameservers, then it figures out that NS1 goes to that ip, instead of knowing that ns1 goes to that ip right away?

Would becoming a hosting partner fix anything?

It would simplify updates to the IPs and it would move the load from the registrar. It does change by at most a few milliseconds, only for the first resolution reducing the size of your domain replies.

I don’t know a lot (if anything at all) about hosting partners. That would be best solved by contacting their partner contacts here

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