How do i use cloudflare .com domain with Profreehost?

Hi Cloudflare Community,

Looking for some assistance here!

I decided to purchase a .com domain name from Cloudflare today, hoping to use the .com domain name for a different hosting provider, profreehost, but I realized Cloudflare does not allow you to change the nameservers unless you purchase one of their plans. (which I cannot afford)

Does anyone know how i can do this manually specifically with profreehost? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Add the DNS records for your hosting in the dashboard here…

To get the A record to use, Google takes me here…

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Can you please write a step by step directions? I tried to follow the directions you mentioned.

But when i get to the 3rd step “Access File aManager or Connect via FTP” I don’t see that in profreehost.

I only see the following items that are related pictured below. Which one do i click to access file AManager or Connect via FTP?

You’d have to ask your host. I only posted instructions I found on their site via Google. If it differs from that, you’d need to talk to them.

Which method did you use to upload your website content? Not that it matters, since either one can be used to upload the file as directed. Just pick one.

I figured it out and found my IP Address now i just need to know how to add it to Cloudflare. Sorry all this is my first time trying to create a website and man it is confusing for me.

Anyone have directions on how to add DNS records for your hosting site (Profreehost) to my cloudflare dashboard?


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Could you provide me with step by step directions please?

OK so I’ve added my free website I created with profreehost “www.khantechnologyservices DOT unaux DOT com” A name and CNAME under my DNS server by finding my ip address with as seen in attached image below

But when i go to my cloudflare domain “www DOT khantechnologyservices DOT com” it says my site was suspended for phishing?

How do i get the website unsuspended, why was it suspended and is this all I need to do to route my free website “www DOT khantechnologyservices.unaux DOT com” I created on profreehost to my cloudflare domain “www DOT khantechnologyservices DOT com”"?

The page you are seeing is from your webhost, not Cloudflare. You will need to ask them what you can do to resolve it.

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