How do I use a subdomain for the IP

To the HTTPS version of that page on the default port. Please check out the browser developer tools and you will notice the redirect.

ok where

alright I can see it redirect when I type it does not redirect when i go to

It actually does too.

what is going on then


You cannot use https with port 8080. You will need to set up your web server to work on port 80+443 or On one of the ports from that article, something we can’t help you with.

I will try 443 then

Thats what I mentioned above but the issue doesnt seem to be the port but the redirect.

yeah my issue is I can’t use port 443 on my web server it just crashes

The main question is your webserver using HTTP or HTTPS?

It’s using HTTP for example: this is the webserver page, as you can see it loads fine, i’ve tried so many things and it doesn’t work

http:// profile. now loads fine for me too.

But this is, of course, because you are not tunnelling at this point and have the record marked with :grey:

Could you write me a tutorial on how I do this correctly then please? I really don’t understand how this works

Do what correctly? It is correctly set up at this point. The remaining question is do you want to tunnel it through Cloudflare?

What is tunneling?

Please check out

Is it this: OR4c78%5B1%5D

I just set that to the orange cloud. Now what?

Yes, that is the tunnelling bit. The question is, do you want that enabled?

It doesn’t support HTTPS so do I disable it?

Your configuration requires HTTPS, hence you get the redirect and hence it doesnt work. But tunnelling traffic does not require HTTPS per se. If you configure it correctly (again, refer to the support centre) it would work in that way too.

The question still is, do you want it tunnelled or not.