How do I use a subdomain for the IP

Hi I want to use a subdomain: for how do I do that while making sure there is no port for, I just want to show the page any help?

Do you own ender[dot]site? While Cloudflare supports 8080 you will still have to specify it. So that you cant avoid.

I own the domain, and is there no way I can hide it?

You can create a page rule to forward any “standard” requests to it, but it still wouldnt be hidden. There might be a way to do this with workers, but this will incur costs.

As for the setup, you simply create a “profile” A record and point it to the address in question.

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Alternatively you could also embed the port 8080 URL into a fullpage frame that you embed at the regular port 80 URL. Not too elegant however.

Hmm it sent a invalid request, I used SRV records and an A record, but doesn’t work nor does

8080 is not HTTPS but HTTP. Can you post your DNS settings?

Currently you send a redirect to https://site and that wont work. You need to remove that.

??? wdym here is my dns

Your DNS setup looks okay but, again, you are still redirecting somewhere. Either on your server or at Cloudflare. You need to remove that redirect.

what am i redirecting to though

To the HTTPS version of that page on the default port. Please check out the browser developer tools and you will notice the redirect.

ok where

alright I can see it redirect when I type it does not redirect when i go to

It actually does too.

what is going on then


You cannot use https with port 8080. You will need to set up your web server to work on port 80+443 or On one of the ports from that article, something we can’t help you with.

I will try 443 then

Thats what I mentioned above but the issue doesnt seem to be the port but the redirect.

yeah my issue is I can’t use port 443 on my web server it just crashes