How do I update my Cloudflare with Bluehost?

I just received an email telling me to update my Cloudflare. How do I do this and how often?

Are you using Cloudflare as your DNS provider? Does your website work?
Since Bluehost is a CF partner you better off configuring CF from your hosting (Bluehost) CPanel.

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Yes, you are probably right in contacting BlueHost. I use Coudflare for dns and yes it works with my website.

Good to hear your website works.
Using Cloudflare directly needs action when something changes on your hosting side (like IP). You may received the email for such a change.

Ok my website isn’t showing. Cloudfare sent me an email about the change being successful.

You need to define an A record pointing to your server IP address and a CNAME for www to be an alias for your domain.

Also as I stated before you can delete your website from Cloudflare panel and enable it from your CPanel which is much easier.

I told a bluehost agent everything. This is what they said.

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Then you just need to wait couple of hours.

I can wait a couple hours. I just wanted to know if it was normal thing to happen.

Yes it is normal. It takes time for NS records to propagate across the world.

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