How do I update my cloudflare account after moving away from siteground?

Hello, I have just migrated my website from Siteground and am currently trying to update my Cloudflare account but on the DNS page (I read a support post somewhere that said I needed to update my IP address on Cloudflare’s DNS page), it says I need to refer to Siteground’s website to make any changes and on Sitegrounds end, I can’t find an option to change my IP address for Cloudflare. I only have access to my Siteground account for another day

What should I do when leaving Siteground to update my Cloudflare account to the new host?
I’m a real novice so I need idiot proof help :smile:

As far as I have heard (never been in the situation) your best best would be to export the DNS settings, remove the domain and then re-add it normally without passing through Siteground and changing name servers.

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