How do I update Cloudflared on a Windows computer?

Whenever I visit the Zero Trust Dashboard and go to “Tunnels”, there is an alert at the top that says “A new version of cloudflared is available. Visit our [downloads] page to upgrade.” I then navigate to the downloads page, select the Windows version and run it. However, nothing happens and the update notification remains up on the Tunnels page. What am I doing wrong, it really shouldn’t be this difficult.

See how to update cloudflared at the link below. On Windows to avoid downtime, you can briefly use load balancing to swap to the new version of the tunnel.

Yes, I tried using this.

Isn’t this a Linux command?

$ cloudflared update

If you’re referring me to the Windows update section, I tried to use that before I posted here, again, nothing happens when I download and run it. That includes not working with Administer rights applied either.

Yes, the Windows instructions are there. The cloudflared download isn’t an installer, it’s the actual daemon - running it from the command line with commands will start a new tunnel, which can be used to replace the old version.

You can use the Zero Trust dashboard to get the correct command to create a new tunnel. Where it refers to cloudflared.exe, use the file name of the latest version of the software.

Thank you. I’m not sure I understand completely but I’ll give another go later. Do you know where I can find a change log for the update, to see if it’s even necessary?

I went ahead with a cloudflared update on Windows last night, for the first time, after much preparation to avoid any downtime. I followed the instructions at that link, but find them to be inadequate - either incomplete or out of date.

In the end, I briefly restored web server access via the IP address instead of the tunnel, and ran ‘cloudflared update’ in an administrator command prompt.

This ran successfully and took only a few seconds.