How do I unregister device from my CloudFlare WARP+ subscription?

I just started using and WARP+ on my phone (iOS), Mac mini (macOS), MacBook Pro (macOS), my desktop (Windows), and my server (Windows Server), and my wife is doing the same on her phone (iOS), her iPad (iPadOS), her desktop (Windows).

We just moved over to iPhone 14 Pro Max (me) and iPhone 14 Pro (her) and this has caused some issues, especially for me that was already on the five-device limit already.

I used Apple’s way of migrating from one phone to the other for both of us. This ends up with our old phones wiping themselves after the transfer has been completed. But now we are both stuck with our old phones in the list of devices using WARP+. For me, this has resulted in my desktop no longer being able to use WARP+ and I can’t seem to figure out a way for me to remove devices from the list of activated devices. How do I deal with this issue?

All help is much appericated!

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