How do I transfer domain from one Cloudflare account to new account when Cloudflare is Registrar?

I’m trying to separate my business domains from my personal domains. I have just set up a new CF account under my business e-mail. I tried to transfer a domain from my personal account to my new business account. Since CF is the Registrar, I would have expected CF to automatically update the NS entries. But, it is wanting me to do it.

Does anyone know where one can access the NS entries on a domain registered with CF so that I can update with the new NS entries?

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Which domain are we talking about? You need to change nameservers with your current registrar. If you want to transfer it to Cloudflare it first has to be on Cloudflare, which explicitly means the nameservers should be already pointing to Cloudflare.

Perhaps I should not have used abbreviations. Sorry about the confusion.

Cloudflare is the registrar. The domain is I can’t figure out where to change the nameservers with Cloudflare as the registrar. I have since heard back from support and they have informed me that it is not possible for a user to change the name servers and that it has to be changed by the registrar team at Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is the registrar and the nameservers do point to Cloudflare. What exactly do you want to change in that case? The nameservers away from Cloudflare?! That is not possible at this point I am afraid.

The name servers on the old account vs the new account are different. Yes, they are both Cloudflare name servers, but not the same ones. So, for now, if you need to migrate a domain from one account to another, it requires Cloudflare technical support to change from the old CF servers to the new ones.

That does sound like a tricky case. One additional twist to the current registrar setup. As soon as Cloudflare lets us change name servers for CF-registered domains, this will become a non-issue.

It also makes me wonder if CF is ready (I’m sure they’ve thought about this) transferring a domain to another CF user/account. It would probably behave like any other domain transfer to another person.

Apparently not out-of-the-box yet but only by going via support

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Sorry for the long delay. I just came up with the idea last week that I could transfer the domains out of Cloudflare and then back again into the new account. All domains except for one have been transferred to CF as the registrar. The other is still in progress.

But, for anyone looking for a workaround, that seemed to have worked!


  1. Have another registrar account ready to receive the domain that you want to transfer on a temporary basis.
  2. Transfer the domain from CF Account 1 to the temporary registrar.
  3. When the transfer is complete, remove the domain from CF Account 1.
  4. Log in to CF Account 2 and add the domain.
  5. Initiate a transfer from the temporary registrar back to CF.

It’s kludgy, but it works!