How do I totally exclude a Sub Domain from Cloudflare

Hi All,
We have had a portal website created which is set up as a subdomain of our main domain name.
The main site is through Cloudflare and is at We take advantage of Cloudflare’s awesome caching etc for this.
The new site is at and they want to exclude this from any optimisations and caching as they say it is affecting some information on forms etc.

I have set up a page rule for* to set Cache Level: Bypass and Disable Apps.

I have checked what is coming through using the Dr Flare Chrome extension and it shows that images are Proxied, but with a Cache Miss (so it is coming from the original site)

Is there something else I need to ensure that the site is not changed by Cloudflare.

Thanks in advance.

You can set that subdomain to :grey: (DNS-Only) in the DNS page. That will stop it from being changed by Cloudflare.

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Thanks for that. I was wondering if there was a more surgical solution, and what we miss out on if we went down that path. I have changed it to that and will wait for feedback about the site.

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