How do I test Cloudflare IPs?

With some troubleshooting with regards to some Cloudflare websites not loading properly, I came to understand that it is an issue with my ISP.

I am going to call them and report to them but I don’t know what to tell them as to what isn’t exactly working. As the websites I am having issues with are loading, but time to time they don’t load, so I can’t give the websites as they would assume it is working.

How can I test the Cloudflare IPs and figure out which ones are problematic when using my ISP’s internet? Is is these? IP Ranges

If so how do I do it, I am not very fluent in networking.

Those IP are the ones presented to the origin servers, not to the clients.

The best thing is for you to collect a list of websites that you have problems with and pass to your ISP. They will know the IP addresses.

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