How do I temporarily disable Cloudflare?


How do I temporarily pause Cloudflare? This solution does unfortunately not work (as I do not have advances settings on my Overview page:

You can temporarily pause Cloudflare by:

  1. Going to the Overview tab in the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. At the bottom right of this page there is a link under Advanced Actions .
  3. Click Pause Cloudflare on Site

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If you don’t have that in the lower right corner of your site, you can do the same thing by setting all your DNS entries to :grey: instead of :orange:.


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Thank you. I appreciate your help. However, changes in DNS settings may take up to 24 hours to go through and is therefore not really a suitable option. I would prefer (as a paid user) to have the same interface as everyone else on the Overview page. Here’s what I see:

Pausing would take the same time. There is no difference between pausing and unproxying. The change on Cloudflare would actually be pretty instantaneous, a delay would be because of third party resolvers.

Whats the reason to pause it in the first place?

Understandably, but only support will be able to help you here →


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