How do I switch the severs back to Hostgator as I've had problems restoring a back up

This was from hostgator support:

Thanks for being on hold, the A record of the site is pointing to cloudflare that is to

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: mopkings
Name: mopkings
Address: 2606:4700:3032::ac43:92c3
Name: mopkings
Address: 2606:4700:3031::6815:27a4

So as the a record is not pointing to us , we will not be having the access to your site files that is the reason it is not appearing while we configured with the Hostgator server. Once you point the IP from cloudflare to us that is to, the site files will be appeared on our end.

Yes, the servers can be switched back and the DNS can be reverted but as the servers are already pointed you have to contact the cloudflare to update the DNS to us and then after some propagation time the servers and the site will be pointed to us then you can see the files and folders in File Zilla.
I hope you are able to understand this.

Can someone please help me. Thanks

all the names are, but the site said it would not allow 4 links so I took the ‘com’ bit off.


Hi @mopkingsorganisation,

I’m really not sure what they’re talking about, this isn’t logical. Because your site isn’t using their DNS, all your files have disappeared? Cloudflare is not a host, they sit between your site visitors and your web host. I’m not sure what their issue is, you should be able to carry on managing your site as usual with them, just with Cloudflare proxying it.

This also makes very little sense. It seems that HostGator are your Domain Registrar as well, so that is where you would need to change the nameservers to point to them, Cloudflare don’t have anything to do with that. As for accessing your files in FileZilla, you should just be able to specify the IP address of your server or a :grey: hostname to connect over, so it bypasses Cloudflare. You should not need to stop using Cloudflare to access your files.

I’m really not sure why they are saying that you need to stop using Cloudflare in order to access your files or manage your site, but if that’s what you want to do you will need to change the nameservers at your registrar, as you changed them when you added your domain to Cloudflare.


Thanks for your help. We got a bit of confusion with trying to restore a backup after some optimizations went wrong. the backup file took hours and seemed to ‘hang’ (1.6gb). The tech said it was because A version of the website was on Cloudflare servers and why the back up loading failed. We were trying to use filezillla to directly transfer the backup into hostgater.

Your advice was very helpful ( plus sleeping on it). I contacted hostgator operators today and asked them to switch the domain servers back. All done in 10 mins.

Again thanks for the advice & probably best not to try and figure technical stuff out at 4am in the morning with a bottle of red wine.

All the best.

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The posting saying thanks above was for yourself, didn’t realise I could @ someone before sending it.

Again many thanks.

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Glad you got it resolved, @mopkingsorganisation. No problem!

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