How do I store images in cloudflare for faster loading?


I am new and not sure how to utilize Cloudflare best to speed up my site loading. Please help with some questions. I have a wordpress site that I have images loaded from my hosting server. Is there anyway I can use Cloudflare to speed up my site especially if having many images/video? I already registered and activate the site for cdn, but I am not sure if I can store images in the clouds for faster site loading.

Thanks for the help!

Cloudflare is a Pull CDN, so as visitors hit your site, Cloudflare will pull your images and other static files and then cache them for a limited time.

You can’t use Cloudflare as the origin or source of the images, however Cloudflare can cache the images for you. You may need to add the proper HTTP headers or create some Page Rules in order for the images to be cached, though.

Here’s a decent support page on this subject:

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Thanks all for such quick replies! Here is my site: [];

Because []–>Use a CDN for all static assets: 26/100) tells me that I have lot of static content not cache with links. So I did create a rule to cache everything like this, but when I retest, the links still not cached correctly. I would like to cache everything as long as possible for faster loading. I am not sure where the issue with rule is.*

Is this a cut and paste or did you actually mean “*

Those online tools use random IPs for the tests and hit different Cloudflare edge servers. You cannot rely on the result for that reason.

Sorry, you are correct, it was a typo:*

Gotcha, so the rule may already be working right? is there a way I can better test this. I used pingdom and gtmetric also to speed test.

That’s not exactly accurate. You’re right that they cannot really tell if Cloudflare is caching the images, but they can see the headers and determine whether the object is cacheable, which is really the important part in most cases.

You don’t need any rules for static content caching (css, js, images) and adding rules for caching HTML depends on your website type. If it is dynamic caching HTML may lead to problems.

Your site isn’t going through Cloudflare:



Hmm… thanks, let me double check where I did wrong.

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How do I retest this sdayman? Thanks again!

curl -I

And look for some Cloudflare headers. Right now, nothing has changed. If you’ve changed name servers, that may take 24-48 hours.

Would it matter if I actually activated via siteground? Because siteground provided complement cdn via Cloudflare.

You can activate at Siteground. That would probably be faster.

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