How do I start with Cloudflare KV as a database?


I am struggling.

I only started deving in Feb of 2022 and I am trying to implement a database in my next.js react app I am building. Now the app has been deployed to pages on Cloudflare but I want to create a simple and easy to use database that stores the number that get inserted on the register/login page.

Can anyone help me and explain it like I am 5?

Here is the site for reference:


Nothing is getting stored yet so please feel free to enter any number you want to test :slightly_smiling_face:

You probably don’t want to use KV for this, as it is not write consistent. Cloudflare does have D1 in open alpha, but not recommended for anything in production. For database, you might want to look at external ones the docs have a section on using external databases.