HOW Do I Solve Cloudflare Violation

How do I solve limitations on serving Non Html Content

Don’t really know what cause or trigger the violation.
But I found a solution to server all non html content the right way without violating Cloudflare terms.

So I would like to know if the violation can be lift off cause currently its affecting my site performance.

Getting error 302 found on some pages.
I believe its because of the violation.

The page is a redirect to download file which is hosted on a sub domain and its not proxied on Cloudflare.

The error occurred whenever i proxy the main domain but everything work fine when its not passing through Cloudflare.

I really want the main domain to pass through Cloudflare for performance and security purposes.

Thank you.

Fix the conflictive material that breaks Cloudflare TOS, once you do that, CF will gradually lift the limitations.
Continue breaking the TOS and the limitations will eventually lead to a permanent ban that prevent you from using the services.

The community can’t help you much further than that, just follow the TOS and you won’t have performance/availability issues.

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