How do I sign up for a Pro plan without adding a Zone?

I’m using CF Pages for a subdomain on a site that is not, and will not, have its DNS managed by Cloudflare (for REASONS).

I need to upgrade to Pro plan as I need more bulk redirects than provided by the free plan. When I go to signup it goes to Add your website or application to Cloudflare and asks for a domain name.

I put my existing domain in and it picked up all the DNS entries. I get that this won’t do anything unless I change the nameservers (which I won’t be doing, see above). It just feels wrong having this domain in CF dashboard that’s not actually managed by CF. Plus will the Pages backend make assumptions about DNS etc when it comes to me configuring my custom domain?

tl;dr: how do I sign up for Pro plan when it’s only for a subdomain that’ll be referenced through a custom CNAME record (

You can’t use Cloudflare features like Bulk Redirects without adding your site to Cloudflare.
So, you can’t unless you want CF to manage the DNS.

You can use _redirects or Pages Functions for a bunch of redirects if needed alternatively.


That’s really helpful, thanks @WalshyMVP. Redirects worked perfectly, and you saved me $$$ :slight_smile:

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