How do I shut down my Cloudflare account?

Cloudflare is blocking access to my constant contact pages and I’m trying to run a special that ends this week. Not sure why it’s started doing this. I cannot locate on the Cloudflare page of my account, how to shut Cloudflare down.

Can someone help me with this?

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You point your domain to the original nameservers, remove the domain from Cloudflare, and contact Cloudflare’s support to close the account.

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Hi @diane2. sorry for the issues you’re facing.

I did a bit of digging and the input from @sandro is spot-on, if your domain were on cloudflare. But, as mentioned in multiple support tickets, your domain is not on Cloudflare and there are some issues with email address that do not appear to be resolved.

Can you verify the domain in question and I can dig a bit more?

Thank you. The issue is I do not have any websites in the account. They show an old non-existent site in there but I can’t see it and don’t have access to it. This was a url that was on Clickfunnels but I don’t have a website there or even the url anymore. Support has been unable to assist for over a week:( Any other thoughts?

Thank you Sandro!

This seems to match what @cloonan said. If you dont have any domains on Cloudflare, there is not much to “shut down”. You can close your account (last step I mentioned), but that still wont affect the domains.

If you still have any issues with your domains, you will need to contact your host. Cloudflare would be the wrong contact in this case.

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What are the full URLs of the pages to which cloudflare is blocking access?

Thank you. I’m lost however, because I don’t have a host for an old website page that no longer exists and I no longer own. I’m perplexed as to how to move forward. I appreciate your help though!


Well, the forum here is primarily/solely for Cloudflare related questions, so we can only help that much.

But for starters, which domain are you talking about?

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