How do I setup cloudflare cdn on wordpress?

How to setup free SSL Cloudflare on guidemagician – Data Security is the major deal; if you are running your website online because once the user data is theft from your website, adversely it can create a negative impact on the standing position of the website, along with can create privacy issues for the subscribers.

To solve these issues, SSL came into action, which is the “Cryptographic Protocol” that protects and secure data which is being transferred through a computer network between a website or online application and a visitor. To securely performs the online transactions of payments, you actually required having SSL connection in that place else, sometimes you can be hacked, having SSL connections in the website visitors can assure that the website is safe to browse. It is not compulsory for the blog where the data security is not a big game but having SSL connection is the best practice for the modern website to look professional and quite secure.

Mainly, the key point of this article is to install free SSL Cloudflare on WordPress website. Follows the step to accomplish it easily.

My one colleague also has the same issue with his He is unable to set Cloudflare CDN on WordPress. I also need an answer to this question for my friend.

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