How do I setup on my router? (See screenshot)

I don’t know what to put in each field for iPv6 settings.

Please help me out.


Forgot to mention, the “IPv6 Address” is a required field. What do I put in that field?

I was only able to fill out the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields with what was given in the simple instructions. (2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001)

But I needed to put something in that first field. Please help! Thanks.

When I was running IPv6, I just chose stateless. I then entered dns servers and hit apply. The router picked up the ipv6 address. Try that. You may need to reboot. My router is an Asus, so unsure if it works differently with your TP-Link or your ISP.

It won’t let me save after adding only the DNS fields. It says I need to fill out the required “IPv6 Address” field.

Have you checked with your ISP, to obtain their IPv6 addresses?

For anyone who is having the issue of their router not accepting the IPv6 addresses;

It may be the GUI of your router doesn’t like the address formatted in “compressed format”. That means you will need to expand the abbreviated bits between the " :: ".

Cloudflare One.One.One.One Addresses in IPv6, Compressed:

Cloudflare One.One.One.One Addresses in IPv6, Expanded (Decompressed):

The zeros can also be fully expanded to all decimal positions;

To recap, this is the exact same single IPv6 address, expressed in three different ways:

While IPv6 addressing is a standard, what is not standardized are each vendor / manufacturer’s implementation of parsing and validating an address, such as in your TP-Link GUI.

Try once more to set your routers IPv6 DNS to Cloudflare’s IPv6 resolvers using the different methods of expressing the IPv6 address.

Hope this helps!

P.S: To make things simpler, you can use these tools to “compress” and “decompress” aka “expand” an IPv6 address with consecutive zero bits.