How do I set where my Cloudflare hosted domain points to?

I have a domain parked at Cloudflare that points (somehow) to an old web space. How do I make it point to a new URL? Please note I don’t understand Zone files or anything technical in this area. What I’m hoping for is someone to tell me what page to go to and how to navigate there, and what to type when I arrive - assuming I want the domain to resolve to www.mydomain/thisdirectory/ ?

Thanking you in anticipation that someone knows the answer!

Your DNS records should point to the IP address assigned to your domain by your hosting provider. You should head to and edit your A records so that the “Content” is the IP address your hosting provider gave you.

That will not make your domain resolve to a specific URL. You’d need to create a Redirect Rule for that. After you have a working DNS record that points to your current hosting provider, you can follow the example 4 below, replacing the target URL with the one you intend visitors to be redirected to:


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