How do I set up Zero Trust STEP BY STEP?

I am connected to the ROUTER by Ethernet . I changed the DNS on my Windows 10 Computer to the DNS which Cloudflare told me to. I now can see that Zero Trust is working FOR ME ONLY.
I have NOT changed anything on the Router at all , Yet.

Separately I have 2 other users connecting Wirelessly to my Router Via Laptops.

NOW can someone please give me a Pointer as to how I can Monitor the other 2 clients who connect wirelessly to the same Router ?. Do I have to change anything on the router ? Do I need to enter the Fixed IP address (assigned by the Router to the 2 other client) into the Zero Trust dashboard ?.

Many Thanks in advance.

My brain is tiny and just cannot cope with setting up ZeroTrust. Here is where I am at. I have initially got the Free version. I intend upgrading when needed, once I have done setting etc. I have an ASUS AX6000 Router. I connect to it by ETHERNET. I have 3 other users who connect to my Router WIRELESSLY . I want to Monitor all those 3’s traffic ,including Logging the urls’ they visit

Can someone please give me a brief Step by Step Guide how I proceed to get things set up. Please help me out.

Duplicate here.

You need to set up a DNS location, details here…

OK I thanks. I have now moved on, I think. IS this correct now. The first menu option is as it was “automatic IP” and second one set as Cloudflare DNS ?.

Please see screenshot

Unless you have a static IP from your ISP (where you should enter that) then you need to leave that setting as automatic.

It is only the nameservers (DNS servers) you need to set as and

Note that using a Zero Trust location with IPv4 DNS servers and requires a static IP and to set up as per the documentation so the DNS requests made can be linked to your Zero Trust account. If your IP is dynamic then you need to use the IPv6 DNS servers or DoT/DoH links supplied instead to see those requests in your Zero Trust account.

OK my post above yours show my settings now, I looks like I made a lucky guess ??> Am I now correct ??

Many Thanks

It looks ok as far as I can see. Do you have a static IPv4 address from your ISP and have you set that IP in the Zero Trust DNS settings?

Otherwise, if you have IPv6 from your ISP, use the IPv6 addresses given as DNS servers.

Hi. Yes I have a static IP from the ISP and I believe is set in my ZeroTrust DNS will check that. I turned Off IPV6 for various reasons , for now at least. So with that as set, will all users connecting to the Router now show up on ZeroTrust logging, OR do I need to put their own Assigned IP address from Router in ZeroTrust as well ?? Thanks for your help by the way.

I have checked and yes I have a static IP showing in ROUTER assigned By the ISP. I cannot check, but did see it in the ZeroTrust but now cannot locate Menu Option to double check.

What I DO see when I enter “LOGS” and then “GATEWAY” it IS showing the URL’s visited on the “DNS” section BUT on the other sections “Network” ,HTTP" etc it shows nothing at all.
That is all traffic from my Ethernet connection to the Router. BUT if I connect to same Router wirelessly by smartphone and visit a few random websites, THOSE are not showing up on the “DNS” logging or anywhere ??. Something now quite right ,yet lol.

You will need to configure those as here…

CAN I not leave those Blank for now ?. All I want to see is LOGGING of what URL’s are being visited first off, then later can " tighten down the screws" !

DNS will tell you the site, to get the URL you will need to inspect HTTP and HTTPS traffic which requires all the step as in the documentation.

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Thanks for you help.

Actually thinking about it, will it show me the Complete URL, or just the domain visited ?.

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